Welcome to holistic-riding.com

The HOLISTIC RIDING Center is situated in Monte Velho, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Vincentin coast , near the authentic fishermen’s village Carrapateira.

Here, at the south-west coast of the Algarve, nature is still untouched, it provides the home for various animal- and plant species. Near by is the picturesque “Bordeira-Beach” with its big sand dunes and the river. On the southside of Carrapateira is the active “Amado-Beach”, which is the most popular beach for surfing, fishing, diving, cliff walking…

We offer:
  • Individual Riding Lessons and beautiful Trail Rides
  • Courses & Workshops
  • Holiday Camps for Children
  • Guest Accommodation

Our Programs include:
  • Fear free learning and Relationship Training
  • (Re)Connecting with your Inner Center
  • General respect and responsible Horse treatment
  • Holistic Horsemanship
  • Body language as means of Communication
  • German, English and Portuguese spoken

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